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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cider - 3rd racking

It's been 4 weeks since the cider had been transferred from the primary ferment pail into the secondary ferment jugs.  Time to rack again to clean jugs for a third and final ferment before bottling.

Some bottle at this point.  But I'm in no hurry and I understand from research that, when given lots of time, cider can develop some very nice flavors, sooo ...

A racking we go.

I only have 4 jugs, so I cleaned the 4th (empty) jug, sanitized it, then siphoned one of the 2nd racking out to the new jug.  Notice I also filled a sanitized beaker so I could test the current gravity to see what the sugar/alcohol situation doing.  Hmmm.

I'm first to admit I'm not an expert at reading a hydrometer.  But at least I have a good pic to refer back to when I am. LOL

If found that the pump/siphon was a pain to use and trying to get the clamp on the end of the tube was also a pain.  Also this setup left almost 1.5" of cider/lees in the first jug.  That quite a loss to this nube.

So I then sloooooowly poured out as much lee-free liquid from the jug into a sanitized wine bottle.  I'm sure there are a few lees in the mix, but just look at how much cider I saved - 375 ml (half a wine bottle).

I then poured that into the newly filled gallon jug.  Is this wrong?  Maybe.  But since this is all an experiment, it's all in the name of science.  *heh*

Okay then. Wash/sanitize empty jug and repeat 2ce.

For the next 2 transfers, I didn't use the pump or even the racking cane.  I just used the tube and initiated the siphon by filling the tube with cider and shoved it into both jugs.  It went well and, again, there was about a half a wine bottle of cider that I poured off the lees and added to the new jugs.

I think, then, that I only lost a little over a cup of cider/lees from each jug.

There.  I inserted sanitized airlocks and set the jugs back on the shelf to (hopefully) clear and mellow out.  Done.

Oh heck!!!   Can you BELIEVE this?  I was so involved with the washing/sanitizing/racking etc. that I NEVER ONCE tasted the cider???   Yep, definitely a nube.   *sigh*    Oh well, it sure smelled nice!

 Stay tuned.

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  1. Oh, Kris! That is what I was looking for, a taste. I can almost smell it. So are we talking a Christmas drink here?