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This blog shows where all those garden goodies I grow end up. I call this little eating area next to the stove my "chef's table" because at all the best restaurants it's a privilege to be invited to dine in the kitchen where the chef reigns supreme. So here I am "reigning" and you are all invited. :-D

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cold day, hot oven

Saturday was another raw day.  And, like Friday, it was blustery, cold, and occasionally spitting rain and snow.


So I spent some time in a warm kitchen dry roasting vegetables: potatoes, Brussels sprouts, onions, and my home-grown sweet potatoes.

I sliced them up and spread them out (1 layer) on cookie sheets and, spritzed them all with olive oil, and roasted them in a very hot oven (475-500F) until the insides were soft and the edges were toasted.

Meanwhile, on the stovetop, I braised 2# of boneless pork ribs I got on markdown at Sam's.  I must say, the house sure smelled great!

In the end I got 4# roasted veg and about 2# of braised pork for the freezer (after making up a nice bowl of stew for supper).  (Sorry, no pics of the ribs.)

Sunday looks to be about the same temp wise, so I may do some more cooking.  We'll see....  After all, I'll have a whole extra hour to play with.

Happy time change.

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  1. Kris, I have never done that with veggies before.
    How do you use them after that, besides the stew you mentioned?

    Your weather seems much more disagreeable than ours right now. We are expecting a drizzly cloudy day but the temps are super for fall.

  2. Glenda - I use them in stews, soups, and as a side dish (cold or hot and spritzed with balsamic vinegar for 'brightness'). They are also yummy under gravy. The carmelization from roasting is just delish. The uses are many and they never last long.

    Yep, haven't seen the sun since a week ago Friday. Spitting snow right now. Grim out there....