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Thursday, November 1, 2012


And then there were 3....

Cider consolidation - from 4 jugs to 3

I had a pleasant email conversation with Jessica over at  the  "Making Hard Cider" (<= click link) website where she gave me some good advice.

She said that it wasn't really optimum for there to be so much headspace in the 4 jugs and she recommended combining them and using, perhaps, a wine bottle to handle whatever was left in the 4th jug.

Alrighty, then.  I got a wine bottle at the ready.

To transfer the cider, I considered siphon/hose.
Then I considered using a sanitized turkey baster.

Finally, I opted for the simplest of all, I just slowly tipped the 4th jug into the other 3.

Thankfully I didn't stir up any of the lees in the 3 jugs.  Previously there was about a couple of inches of decidedly clear cider in the jugs before topping up, now they are back to being lightly clouded.  I'm not worried.

As for the 'rest' of the cider in the 4th jug - there really wasn't any useful at the end.  Maybe 2C of cider/lees.  It went down the drain. Had I siphoned I probably could have recouped at least 1C more of cider.  But it wasn't worth the hassle.

So, we now resume to our regularly scheduled program - waiting.

Thanks, Jessica!

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