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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Breakfast of champions

I'd gotten lax in watching what I ate and as the top half of this pic shows.  The 11/3/12 numbers were just not good.  Even WITH taking a statin.

Good grief!

I'm a smart cookie.  I know BETTER than this!  So I went back to my winter go-to breakfast: oatmeal.

Oatmeal has always helped in the past, but this time I added another cholesterol-busting ingredient: a heaping tablespoon of freshly ground golden flax to the 1/2C (dry) rolled oats.  I enjoyed that with agave nectar throughout November.

Did it work?  You bet.  Check out the numbers (from 12/7/12) at the bottom half of the pic.  Yay!

Then, in December, for an even more powerful punch, I gave up agave nectar for sweetening and switched to a tablespoonful of organic blackstrap molasses.  Agave is just fructose.  Molasses, on the other hand, it jam-packed with important nutrients.

At first I found the molasses rather strong and sorta unpleasant.  But then I found that if I add a really good couple of shakes of ground cinnamon before I added my splash of milk, well then, the resultant bowl of porridge ended up tasting like one big molasses cookie.  Yow!

And, come to find out, a half-teaspoon of cinnamon a day has its OWN health benefits.

Since I'd only added the molasses/cinnamon just days before the 2nd test, I'm looking forward to another test just after the new year to see what (if any) the molasses/cinn addition brings to the game.  We're lucky enough that one of the local hospitals has a cholesterol clinic at one of its statcare facilities on the first Friday of every month.  For $10 you get a full lipid panel and sugar test.  It's a cheap and convenient way to see how much what you eat (and if you're exercising) is paying off.  What's great about these tests is that with numbers like this, one is encouraged to keep up with something that works! Win-win-win I'd say.

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