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This blog shows where all those garden goodies I grow end up. I call this little eating area next to the stove my "chef's table" because at all the best restaurants it's a privilege to be invited to dine in the kitchen where the chef reigns supreme. So here I am "reigning" and you are all invited. :-D

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Double delicious

I don't do any Christmas baking, but this year I wanted to thank a couple of friends so made up a sweeter version of the spelt Irish soda bread as gifts.

Here I've included a cup of raisins in the batter and sprinkled a generous spoonful of sugar crystals on the crusts.

Both were baked in iron skillets (from ReStore).  In these batters I made a change from my initial spelt bread - I cut back the liquid by 2 oz each bread.  This made for a drier bread with better texture (I felt).

Not pictured are a couple of regular white AP flour breads.  The larger spelt bread (on the left) went out as a gift - same with the white (wheat) soda breads.  The last spelt bread is staying with yours truly ... juuuust in case someone might drop by for a visit.  If not - it certainly won't go to waste (but more probably to waist.  *heh*)

Happy Christmas. :-D

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