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Friday, December 14, 2012

Finally floculating

The cider was racked to jugs for its 3rd ferment on 11/26/2012.

It bubbled for a few hours (to release air that was infused during the transfer and new C02 that the reactivated yeast expelled), then calmed down.

It's been quiet for a couple of weeks - only an occasional bubble in the airlocks.

The cider's been cloudy every day, so I stopped checking on it daily.

It's been maybe 6 days since last checking and I was very pleased to see that the cider is finally floculating.

Floculating is the grouping of tiny particles that eventually get enough mass that gravity can settle them out.

I leaned my notebook against the jug and you can see that the top 1.25" of cider is showing much clearer than the rest of the jug.

I'll be checking more often now so I can see how long it will take for the whole jug to initially clear and then go even further to super clear (crystal).  Yep - making cider this Fall is for drinking next Fall.  Fun, no?

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  1. I won't be trying this.....I have zero patience!

    It is looking quite good though.

    1. It's not that I have that much patience. It's that I can just 'forget about it' for months and let it do it's thing. Next Fall I'll be able to drink this year's batch while making up next year's lot. Jeez, I hope this turns out well. LOL