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This blog shows where all those garden goodies I grow end up. I call this little eating area next to the stove my "chef's table" because at all the best restaurants it's a privilege to be invited to dine in the kitchen where the chef reigns supreme. So here I am "reigning" and you are all invited. :-D

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hearty biscuits

It's been a busy morning.  I've washed dishes, defrosted the freezer, put up a couple of blog posts and folded laundry.

Now I'm hungry.  I made a nice batch of chicken soup a couple of days ago and there is one bowl left for today.

Soup, however, has been lacking in one element lately.  Since I'm not eating modern wheat, crispy noodles and crackers are off the menu. 

I've tried substituting rice crackers but they don't soften in broth.  Same with corn or potato chips.  No, I want something to sop with.

So I thought I'd try making a batch of buttermilk biscuits using the whole grain spelt flour.

The batter came together okay, but it was not as sticky as wheat flour.  I've noticed that when using spelt.  It doesn't make the usual gluey-ness of wheat.  I think it's a gluten thing.

Anyway, not only is this an experiment with spelt, but I'd picked up a jar of coconut oil (which I keep in the fridge).  Instead of the 2T of shortening the recipe (Alton Brown's) called for, I substituted the solidified coconut oil.

The recipe calls for a 1" high, 2" round cut, but I like a bigger biscuit so patted out the dough to 3/4" high and cut with a 3" glass.  I got 10 biscuits that way.

Baked at 450F for 15 minutes, then I turned off the heat and let them stay in there for another 3 minutes.

The spelt biscuits didn't rise as much as regular wheat ones would, but the bottoms crisped right up from the butter and oil.

I couldn't wait to try one hot out of the oven.  Nice texture.  Definitely not as sweet at wheat, but tasty nonetheless.

I enjoyed a couple with my soup - good dunkers for sure.  And, as I washed up after lunch, I tried another one slathered with butter.

Oh my - yummy! 

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  1. Your cooking adventures are very interesting....

    1. Thanks - I'm doing so much more baking now that I'm not just automatically buying modern wheat products. I'm learning new things, trying new methods and exploring different grain alternatives that I'd never have even known about had I not decided to try walking away from wheat. It's sure made me look closely at AgBus and BigFood. I don't trust either of them in the least.