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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Flexible flaxbread

Remember how I played around with soda breads and ciabatta?  Well my new bread obsession focus these days is flatbread.

I found that the old recipe worked great with spelt and I ended up with tasty spelt pita breads (pockets and all).

Then I read about leavening on Leigh's blog and thought - hmmm, if I use whey (drained from my homemade Greek yogurt), then I don't need baking powder - I can just use soda.  So let's try that and *yay* it worked.   Not only was the bread delicious, but it was no longer grilling up as pitas, but a nice chewy flatbread instead.  The whey/soda made for a nice sponge in the center.

Well now, with results like that I should just leave it alone.  Right?  RIGHT?


Yesterday I decided to bump up the batch size from 2C/8 breads to 3C/12 breads because I'm going through them pretty fast these days. I adjusted all the other ingredients by 50% too. 

Then I figured I could make these more nutritious by adding 1T of fresh ground flaxseed per C of flour.  I expected the flax to make the breads a tad more chewy.  So off I went.

I mixed the dry ingredients, poured in lukewarm whey (don't over warm it) and kneaded it into a nice sticky dough.  Cover with damp paper towel and let it rest for 15 minutes.

In a while I cut the dough into 12 portions, rolled into balls, and let it rest for another 20 minutes.  I must say that the whey/soda makes for a nice spongy dough.

Then, just as I was about to roll out the first bread, I glanced on the counter and *DOH*!  I never added the olive oil.  I was ticked and resigned myself to grilling up not some chewy flatbread, but probably just a bunch of hard crackers.

Still - ever onward.

I rolled the bread out much thicker this time - about 1/4"+ and instead of rounds, I went for ovals so I could fit 2 into the skillet at the same time.   The dough being thicker I took a fork and poked a lot of holes in them to prevent any bubbling.

I was pleasantly surprised when the breads rose a good bit, had not one bubble, and the inside sponge/crumb was a nice texture.  The taste was good and the flaxseed was discernible as a slight nuttiness.  But the bread WAS a bit dry to the mouth.  *sigh*

As for the last bread, I decided to see just how much s-t-r-e-t-c-h the flaxseed gave the dough.   Pretty much - it rolled out to as big as a dinner plate and didn't break when I transfered it from the  counter to the skillet, though it was almost transparent, it was so thin.  A quick grill and voila.  So thin, so flexible!  Good heavens.  I have actually made a spelt WRAP.  Um - YAY. 

Bottom line - had it not been for the oil snafu, I think this would have been the best grilled flatbread I'd made to date.  While drier than I'd hoped for, these will be fine for soup, etc..  Why, I might even toast a couple and make spelt bread crumbs.  *heh*  Yep, I'm on a roll.

Roll?  ROLL?   Hmmmm, just how thick ARE those flatbreads?  I wonder....  Well, golly!  They slice like a bagel.

Lessee - half an avocado, poached chicken, freshly picked arugula, sweet onion and pepper slices, honey-mustard dressing and a sprinkle of toasted sunflower seeds.  Cut. Print.  That's lunch, everyone...


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  1. Can I come and have lunch with you, pretty please :} That's definitely my sort of plate!