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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Going with the grain(s)...

And now for something ELSE new --

Water kefir.

Tuesday I decided it was high time to send away for some water kefir grains.  I looked through eBay and found a lot of sellers.  Some where selling the very white grains (obviously fed on white sugar) and others that were amber colored (grown with raw sugars) and, finally those that grew them with all organic raw sugars and molasses). 

Well, since I've gotten passed 'pretty' food, I figured in for a penny ----

I found an organic seller (who also stressed it was a smoke free environment!) in Las Vegas.  I read her ad and liked the cut of her jib, so to speak.  A couple of quick email questions and I was convinced this was going to be the deal.  Thanks, April.

I bought 1/2C of the grains on Tuesday early afternoon.  She had the grains in the mail that evening and the package was here in Canton Thursday a.m.   Talk about near instant gratification!

Not only did she send an overly generous half-cup, but included clear instructions on what to do (and expect).

Anyway, I followed directions and put a (slightly over) 1/4C of grains each in 2 quart canning jars, added 1/4C of organic raw Turbinado sugar and 1t of organic unsulphured molasses and then filled the jars with room temp tap water (mine is softened well water, so no chlorine or other added chemicals) within an inch of the top.

Though the instructions didn't mention giving it a stir, I did - with a long iced tea spoon, just to better diffuse the sticky molasses.

Then I covered the jars with coffee filters and rubber bands and placed them on the ledge over the stove.

My house is cool and my place won't return to NORMAL 'room temp' until May! LOL

Okay, now I wait "24-48 hours (depending on room temp) and when the grains visibly multiply.  Do not go past 48 hours on this ferment."

When the water is fully fermented, I'll remove the grains and decide if I want to flavor the water or not.  Maybe one of each?

Now some of you may think the water looks a little dark and frightening at this point.  I'm not worried at all.  The grains are amber, the raw sugar is nearly brown and the molasses is really dark.  This looks no different from any other tea I've made.

Can't wait to see how this shakes out.

Stay tuned.

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  1. OK, I've just put organic turbinado sugar on my shopping list! (already got the organic molasses). I'm very curious as to how it will taste. I've got to go read up on this. :)

    1. Leigh, go to YouTube and search on water kefir. Lots of vids there of folks making this stuff - lots of techniques. The more I watch, the less I see there's more than one way to skin a cat (so to speak).

    2. P.S. Folks 'out there' use all kinds of sweeteners. My supplier says to avoid honey (antibiotic), agave & coconut sugar (although I've found vids where folks use it). And, apparently, avoid RevOs water (iffy pH & no minerals - my first tries at sourdough failed because of this). As for MILK kefir, well, I'll be looking to YOU for info there! ;-)

  2. Another interesting venture....I will be watching.

    1. You never know what you'll find here lately, right Glenda. *heh*

  3. You know I'm going to have to go and Google this when I was meant to be sitting down and doing some blog updates of my own .....

    1. I'd suggest finding a seller that raises their grains (milk or water kefir) organically. That way you start with really healthy stock. Good luck!