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Friday, March 8, 2013

Need new kitchens to conquer

Ever think you'd like to make water kefir?   Didn't know where to get the grains?

I have some (organic) water kefir grains that need new homes.  They are growing so fast.

I bought 1/2C of grains.   I made 2 quarts of kefir and ended up with 1C of grains.

I gave away 1/2C and made another batch of kefir...

I now have over 3C of grains.  I hate the thought of composting them, but I have no pets or chickens to feed them to.

So if you want water kefir grains, I'll send you* 1/2C for the price of postage.  (Click HERE for more info on my water (and milk) kefir adventures.)   (*until they run out or they take over the house)

Otherwise - it's compost time.

============== news flash ==========

Hey, found out *I* can eat the excess grains too!  So I tried a spoonful.  No real flavor, not sweet, not sour.  Not as firm as gelatin or tapioca.  Kind of eh.   But they are packed with pro-biotics and will be a great addition to fruit smoothies.

Now, having said that I'm still game to send out a few grain gifts.  Limited time, folks.  I've got the blender at hand....

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1 comment:

  1. Hello Kris,
    If you are still trying to find a good home for your excess kefir grains, I would very gladly pay the postage for some as I have been interested, and looking for, grains. I am new at anything kefir, although I do make my own ginger beer, sourdough bread, yoghurt, pasta etc;
    Cheers Yvonne