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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cider house rules!

Check it out.

While it's been a long year what with all that inconvenience of being sick for so long,  the cider I made last October just sat there in the basement under a sheet.

Oh, I would look in on it every now and then - only to see that the stuff was cloudy.

Eventually it started to be less cloudy.

Then I let it alone for several months as I started doing all those outside projects when I started feeling better.

So today I went downstairs, flipped over the sheet and low and behold - clear gold cider!

I've sent these pics to my 'cider guru' to make sure that this stuff is still safe and ready to decant into a holding jug before finally putting cider into some bottles.

I'll let you know what she says.

I'm looking forward to bottling still/dry cider; sweetened still cider; sweetened/flavored still cider; and, finally, sweetened/flavored/sugared (carbonated) cider.

Oh, Igor!  Better see if you can still find those lab coats!  It's going to get busy down in the basement.   Wooohahaha!

============== Follow Up ==========

Heard from Jes, my cider guru (Click Here for her Site).  She said I have either 3 very safe jugs of cider -OR- 3 very safe jugs of cider vinegar!  LOL  So watch this space for bottling fun.  Kinda busy this week, so maybe in 7-10 days.  Later....

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  1. Cider vinegar is also good :)

    Never had enough apples (yet) to make cider - nor the equipment. How much alcohol will it have...?

    1. Hoping for less rather than more alcohol - that way I can drink more. I'll check content before bottling and let you know. I didn't use fresh apples, just locally pressed, unfiltered, pasteurized cider.

  2. I wouldn't have the patience to do this! I hope you have cider and not just cider vinegar though that wouldn't be bad either. Also I would be hoping for a higher alcohol content.....

    1. Glenda - if you made this you could just add more sugar for the yeast to ferment - taking it up to apple WINE at 11-13%. Alcohol is not that good for my Hashimoto's thyroid, so I'm hoping for lower alcohol so I can enjoy more cider. Stay tuned. (P.S. ignoring something for a long time isn't really patience, just -- ignoring. heh)