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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I was washing dishes this morning and for some reason the spatula caught my eye.

Silicone, translucent, one of my faves.  I really like the silicone spatulas over the old rubber ones - they seem to stay flexible longer.

Anyway, something made me stop and look more closely.

I'm sometimes pretty naive and don't know about you, but I've never done anything but wash them with the dishes.

Today, however, something didn't look kosher.  Hmmm.  So I pulled out the handle (took a little tugging).

Oh gross!

Looks like old food and mold inside the silicone head!  Eeew.

Quick! The bleach!

Using a soft toothbrush I cleaned and sterilized the plastic handle.  Then I used a couple of q-tips and hot soapy/bleachy water to clean out the inside of the spatula.

I then pulled out ALL my spatulas and took them apart.  Again, eeew!

My old fave - with a wooden handle - was the worst.  The wood at the end was black and no amount of beach and toothbrush action could do anything.

I've decided to toss all solid headed-spatulas (top) - I can't see if I've gotten them cleaned inside.

I'll keep the translucent ones (bottom).  They can be cleaned and checked. (Note: buy more spatulas)

But gosh, who knew that I might not have been mixing mold right into my food?

Hope your spatulas aren't holding any nasty surprises for you!  But probably not -- more than likely you've been pulling them apart right along.  I can be a little slow sometimes. *heh*

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  1. Guess what I am going to be doing today......I have lots of spatulas! I just bleached the cabinet where I store all my large things like bread boards, cookie sheets etc. I noticed green mold on the end of a wooden piece. I have put them away too damp and there was lots of green mold. I pulled everything, scoured them with bleach and the floor of the cabinet and then lined it with several thickness of newspaper. I hope the paper will soak up any dampness and then I can just toss and replace it often.

  2. Here's a tip for you, Glenda. Newspaper will only hold moisture. Next time you go to the store, pick up a 'damp-rid'. It really is only chunk salt in a plastic container, but it attracts moisture. Eventually the salt all melts from the moisture it's taken in, then you discard and refill. Keeps my upstairs linen closets dry even in moist summers. (Actually I made the 2nd one myself - handful of softener-salt in the plastic container - worked as good at the store bought and free.)

  3. We were shocked to discover the same thing not too long ago. Yuk!

    1. Yeah, those things should come with instructions. LOL