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Monday, November 11, 2013

Avocado disappointment

Early this year I learned that I liked avocados.

Then guacamole.

Happy happy.

I'd pick a couple up when the price was right and treated myself to some very nice sandwiches and salads.

This time of year, however, the dark, nubby Haas avocados (from California/Mexico) are small and not very attractive.

There are lots of Florida avocados, though.  Big, bright green, shiny things.  Some as large as coconuts. 

Guess I'll give them a try.  What could possibly go wrong?

I brought one home - firm, but with some give.

It sliced like butter and the enormous pit rolled right out - none of that stab-and-twist necessary for removal from a Haas.

Immediately the cutting board got all wet.  The avocado was just dripping.  I tasted the liquid but it wasn't like juice, it was just wet and watery.

I kept going, slicing up half the fruit for a salad.  The plate got watery too.  Huh.

Okay, time for a  taste test.

Ew.  Wet. Tasteless.  Soft. Not the firm density I'm used to, not the deep, rich flavor, no residual mouth feel of a fruit known for it's wonderful oil.

Nope.  Florida avocados may be big and plentiful in the stores right now, but I won't buy another one.  Bottom line, I give these pretty, but tasteless things a pass.  

How about you?  Do you favor them?  Did I just get a clinker?

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  1. My favourite are Haas avo's too - for exactly the reasons you state above.

    Did you know you can freeze avo's? On defrosting they'll be a bit mushy (suitable for guacamole) but the taste will remain. So I've read - haven't the freezer space to try it :)

  2. I haven't bought avocados in a long while. I am not even familiar with the large ones from Florida. I may have to try one......the ones this summer were so small for the price that I just passed.

  3. I`m no fan of avocados. We can get the tasteless ones over here in Britain, too. I don`t like them, and they are expensive here, so I don`t buy any.