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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Clever clover

I've been enjoying clover sprouts (I think they are tastier than alfalfa sprouts) on sandwiches and salads over the past few weeks.

Thing is, a little carton will run almost $2.

So the last time I was at the health food store, I picked up several ounces of red clover seeds so I could grow my own.

I scrounged up an empty cracker container and punched a line of little drainage holes along the outside edge of the bottom.

I cut a piece of paper towel to nearly cover the bottom (allowing water flow toward the drainage holes).

I wet the towel, sprinkled on about 1.5T of seeds ($.30), sprayed them with water and lightly covered with the lid.

I sprayed/drained a couple times a day and within 2 days the seeds began to sprout.

Another 2 days and there was some real growth

Another 2 days and little 'sun seeker' leaves popped open.

Finally just 7 days start to finish I had a luxurious growth of fresh nutrition-packed red clover sprouts

The makeshift sprouter worked like a charm.

Previously I tried growing the sprouts in a jar, but I wasn't happy with the results.   Those sprouts seemed kinda wimpy and very wet.  This sprouter kept the water in the paper towel and the sprouts themselves much drier.

Time to put this batch in the fridge (where they actually will keep growing, although very slowly).  I don't think they'll last very long, though.  These things are awesome.

Got anything growing in your kitchen?

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  1. Did you put them under the lights to sprout? I can only imagine the nutrition in these green, unadulterated beauties.

    Nothing growing here.

    1. Just on the kitchen counter and not under the light until the 7th day to really green them up. Sprouts are really a no brainer and delish add to any sandwich or salad.