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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Smooooooth move

I lucked into a sale of one of the items on my LSD (labor saving device) wish list this past weekend. 

Until now, to make a smooth soup or sauce I had to pour hot stuff into the carafe of a regular multi-speed blender, whiz it, then pour the soup/sauce/etc back into the saucepan to bring it back up to heat. There was also the extra cleanup issue to deal with.  Ick.

This weekend I found a Cuisinart 2-speed immersion blender - ON SALE - at a price right up my alley!

Seems the blue, green and yellow sticks were on sale because folks didn't want those colors.  Good grief!  Who cares the color!  It's the quality and convenience that counts, isn't it??

Capricious consumers didn't like yellow?  Okay, so go and pay 25% more for red or stainless. 

Me? I'm very happy with this yellow fellow.  Super heavy duty, solid construction, stainless steel shaft/blades with a nice deep carafe for smoothies, salad dressings, pudding, etc. and a 3-year warranty.

First thing to try - split pea soup. 

It was just so ... easy-peasy

Pot full of soup.  A couple of zzzip zzzip on low speed and *presto* the soup went from soft lumps to velvety smooth in no time.

A quick whiz of the shaft in warm sudsy water and clean up was done.

I think I'm in love.... 

Any new LSDs show up in your kitchen for the holidays?

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  1. I have one of those; use it to make soap. It works great for that too. I like the color!

  2. Good buy :)

    I use mine to make soap too LOL

  3. Glenda & Dani - I would think I could use the same stick to make both, no? After all, when you're done making soap, the stick should not be dangerous to use in food. After all - I would WASH it with soap. Advice?