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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Being brave

Healthy eater that I am, I've always shied away from little fish in tins.

First off, I'm not a fish fan.  Used to be when I was younger, but moved away from them.  Various reasons.

But I knew I needed Omega3s to help keep my cholesterol down now that I've weaned myself off of statins (for the time being anyway - depends on the numbers).

I've been taking fish oil capsules and I'm sure that's fine, but I always wondered about those flat little cans stacked next to the tuna at stores.

Sardines.  What are they all about?  I bought a can on a whim - about 6 months ago.   I decided today was the day to get them out of the cupboard.  To the food bank?  Or lunch?  Hmmm.

Okay.  It wouldn't kill me to try some.

I took a deep breath and opened the can.  Oh goodie!  Not the type with heads, tails and eyes.  Don't think I could have coped with that.

Packed it water, I didn't like the fishy smell so immediately rinsed the fillets in cool water.

To cook, I sprayed a med skillet with evoo and pan-seared them with a bit of garlic granules and cracked black pepper, turning them into flakes with the spatula as they sautéed. Not pushing the 'bravery' bit, I removed the strings of bones as they appeared.

When done(?) I tasted a flake - not near what I expected.  Not salty or horribly fishy.

I decided to serve them on a couple of sourdough Wasa crackers.  I spread one of the crackers with a hot pepper mustard mix and left the other one bare.

The flake I'd tried left a sorta fish taste in my mouth so added a serving of spicy pickles to help decoy my taste buds.

Well, I liked that the flakes were tender but not dry.  The crunchy crackers was a bit messy to eat, but the one with the pepper mustard held together better.  The pickles worked with the fish.

Would I eat sardines again?  Dunno.  Not really liking this fish aftertaste.  We'll see how long it lasts.

Gotta admit - for the price you get a ton of protein (18g) and good fats.  The final vote hasn't been cast.

Do YOU have a fave way of eating sardines?  Recipes and/or suggestions to share?

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  1. I have never eaten a sardine in my life. My dear old Dad took them with a box of crackers when he went coon cooking involved.

    Like you, I am not a fan of fish unless is is pan fried crappie filets and we don't fish so they are just a pleasant memory. I do often buy canned tuna (olive oil because Julia C. said they are much better flavored), drain and rinse. Thus far a favorite brand is Bumble Bee. We like them over broken greens, with a chopped egg and drizzled with Ott's dressing (a Missouri mfg product) or in tuna salad sandwiches on whole wheat toast.

    1. I used to eat white albacore tuna and enjoyed that until I got a bad can and it turned me off. I used to really enjoy perch fishing and pan frying them way long ago. As for the sardines today - I'm not planning on doing them again. They smell does linger. Ah, Julia. That women knew a thing or two!