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Monday, March 24, 2014

Another ground turkey to try

The continuing quest for tasty ground turkey.

Last I posted, I'd tried the Purdue ground turkey from BJs.

Couple weeks ago I found these Jennie-O 1# chubs of 90% lean ground turkey.

$3.00 a pop.  I know I like Jennie-O, so felt this may be a good buy, even though it costs more than the Perdue (+$.40/lb)  and has more fat (90% vs 93%).

Still, the very convenience of a 1# chub seduced me.

First off I noticed that the meat is more finely minced/ ground than the previous purchases.

That made the meat a little softer. 

I mixed a chub into burgers with the usual suspects: ground dried mushrooms, dried onions, garlic granules, chipotle powder, and a pinch of salt.

The chub made 3 nice-sized burgers.

I spritzed the George Forman and the top of the burgers with EVOO, dropped the lid and let it sizzle for 8 minutes (turning them to get cross-checking crunch). I noticed there was very little fat from the grill.  But remember, the dried mushrooms and onions may have kept the juice in the meat. 

I plated up some Brussel sprout slaw, then sprayed a slice of whole grain spelt bread with EVOO and grilled that for a minute.

Served the burger on toast and voila.  Lunch (with 2 burgers for later in the week).

The burger was tasty, tender and delish!  Though it costs out to $1/burger, it's bigger, better and more healthy than any frozen burger (beef or turkey) and tons better than fast foods. 

The convenience of the chub (no need to repackage from a large hard plastic container into various freezer bags) was really nice.  Less freezer space too and now just the chub wrapper to discard.

While I'll still look for Jennie-O 93% lean in bulk, I think I'll be using these 1# chubs over the Perdue 3# pack at BJs.

How about you?  Where do you draw the line between thrift and convenience?

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  1. At my age, thrift isn't quite as important as it was several years ago. I choose always taste, nutrition and probably last convenience.