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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Worst. Yogurt. Ever.

I needed to lay in a supply of creamy yogurt for Mom's post-op visit.

I found something new at Wal-mart.  Cabot Greek Lowfat Yogurt.

The price was right - only $3.95/2# carton.

The label said ALL the right things: 2% milk, live cultures, high protein, low fat.

And it came from a New York/New England co-op of dairies with 100% of the profits going back to the farmers.

What wasn't there to love?  I snapped up 2 cartons and headed home.

I was going to wait until Mom arrived to crack one open, but I got hungry.

And curious.

Right off the bat the color was off.  Plain yogurt is as white as milk.

This stuff had the same color as a flavored vanilla yogurt.  *sniff*  Didn't smell like vanilla.

*sniff* again.  And it didn't quite smell like plain yogurt either.

I scooped out a cup.  Nice and thick, I'll give you that.

Then I took a spoonful.


The yogurt didn't taste like plain yogurt.  Didn't taste good at all.

And the texture was nasty - very gritty/grainy. 

It was, in my opinion, the WORST YOGURT I've ever had and, my dears, I've had tons!

Here is certainly another example of not judging the book by its cover.

I had to throw out both cartons (I wasn't about to drive back 10 miles to return the unopened carton).

Well, this sure was one for the books.  I don't know what these folks do, but this stuff is just plain inedible as far as I'm concerned.  I checked their website and they seem to have lots of awards for cheese, but no mention anywhere about yogurt.  Not surprised....

Have you ever tried something that sounded too good to be true only to recoil? 

Now I have to get in more yogurt for Mom.

And trust me, this time I'm not trying anything new this time.  I'll stick with the tried and trues.

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  1. Success at last! Funny about their yogurt; I buy their cheese all the time. I don't like Kraft cheese!

    1. Not a Kraft fan either. This yogurt was absolutely terrible.

  2. We love Greek yoghurt but I never, ever buy the low fat versions.

    1. 2% is my choice - my Hashimoto's disease causes me to have higher cholesterol.