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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sad salad

Oh, it was a sad sad day.

The cuke harvest went from early July until Labor Day when the last vines came down. 

Withdrawal was forestalled due to both veg bins in the fridge still being filled with cukes.

I enjoyed a wonderful salad every day.

Until today.

I pulled out the very last cuke, all cool and dewy.  Not the prettiest of the lot having gotten itself wedged between the fence and a trellis but hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And I beheld it.

I made up the last cuke salad of the season.  I was out of fresh grilled chicken, so made do with a turkey burger and some corn on the cob to sing a last duet with cukes.

The last salad was just as crisp and sweet and flavorful as the first way back in July.

I savored every bite.

But, even though I paced myself...

it was gone all too soon.

Certain home-grown fruit and veg are not easily replaced with store bought (even stand bought) goodies.  Oh, sure, I could buy cukes for more salads. But they wouldn't be MY cukes - the ones I babied from seed to salad.

I'll be eating a lot of tomato salads for a while, but the cuke season has flared brightly, if too briefly, for 2014.  Farewell.

*sigh*  Ah well.

Only 10 more months until next cuke season.

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  1. sad to see the end of the harvest for lots of reasons...losing the enjoyment of good old homegrown fresh veggies and also the fact that it means that you know what is coming! :(

    1. meant to say that as always, your salad looks yummy!

    2. Yes, without the cukes I've about given up the will to live and most likely will be shutting down all blogs. OR I'm going to simmer up a savory chicken/rice pot and watch some old movies today. LOL We'll see how it goes. ;-D

  2. My cuke season was even shorter. The vines were here one day and gone the next! Never did figure that out.You are quite right about purchased vs. homegrown. Part of that is just knowing and the other is they don't taste as good! I just bought store sage; I could barely get a flavor or much of a taste of sage from it.

    Next year I will replace my ancient sage plant.

    1. Yeah. I bought a couple cukes for salads this week and boy they disappointed. Like tomatoes, corn, etc - cukes have a season and it's best to enjoy every bite when it's fresh. I know what you mean about purchased herbs - nothing compares to my fresh parsley!

  3. So sad to see the "passing" of the salad season.
    I REFUSE to buy store bought salad fixings or tomatoes. It's just not right.
    And living up here--it means I get 2 weeks of tomatoes out of 52. Bummer--but boy, do I SAVOR those babies.
    Your salad looked so so yummy.