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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gluten free veg soup

As I find more ways to avoid gluten in my diet, I have to adjust recipes of some favorite meals.

Take soup.

Especially vegetable soup.

My homemade vegetable soup is 99% gluten free.  Why not 100%?   It's only vegetables and veg stock, right?

Nope.  One of the ingredients - and it's an important one as far as I'm concerned - is pearled barley.

A couple tablespoons of barely in vegetable soups helps smooth out any sharpness of the broth and the little bit of starch it sheds while plumping up thickens the broth so it clings to the vegs.

I tried leaving out the barely, and I wasn't thrilled.

So I tried other stuff: lentils - didn't like;  amaranth - eh; rice - nosirre.

Today I dug around in my cupboards, trying to find something to keep be from resorting to the barley and ran across a jar of steel-cut oats.   Hmmmm.  Oats have no gluten.  Sure wouldn't think to put ROLLED oats in soup, but lookit these cut oats - they even looked like barely.

What the hey - let's try them.  I added 2T to 4C of broth/vegs and let them simmer for 20-25 minutes.

Hey.  They worked a treat!  They plumped up like barely.  Thickened the broth like barely.  Didn't taste like oats, just a nice nutty flavor.

How about that?  I've had that jar of cut oats for over a year (I cooked them up once and decided it was too much work, so sort of forgot about them.).  Well, they won't be pushed to the back of the cupboard anymore. 

I now get the same great veg soup as before and one more elimination of gluten from my diet.

If I ate beef, I'm sure I'd try making beef/barley soup using the steel-cut oats.  If anyone out there tries that, let me know how it works out for you.

Meanwhile, it's cold, icy and truly dreary outside.  No matter.  I've got guilt-and-gluten free soup for lunch.  :-D

Stay warm - and healthy eating, all.

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  1. Eureka! Another great idea.
    And that soup looks SO warming and good. What's the dark green in there---spinach?

    1. Kale! Holds up better than spinach when cooked.