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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mama mia! Gluten-free spaghetti.

One of the things I miss from giving up gluten is - pasta.  I've tried to compensate, serving a lot of my sauced dishes over rice or potatoes.  But it's really not the same.  It's been since Dec 2012 that I last enjoyed that al dente chewiness of tender spaghetti noodels under rich sauce.


But all is not lost!  This past week I found, wait for it, brown rice pasta.  Unlike so much cobbled-together gluten-free products filled with lots of gums and starch, Goldbaum's pastas are made with only 2 ingredients: brown rice & brown rice bran.  Period.  That's it!

At first I could only find fettuccine,  but now Marc's had spaghetti and several other shapes (shells, elbows, spirals).

The pasta cooks a little differently than wheat pasta.  You add it to boiling water the same, but the result is a bit surprising the first time.

The water gets VERY starchy, even a bit thick.  Don't worry.  Just continue to cook as usual, testing the strands for doneness.

When it's still a tad al dente, remove from heat and rinse.  After that I put it back in the pot, stir in the sauce, put the lid on and let it sit for a couple of minutes.  During that time the pasta absorbs some of the sauce and everything blends together.

The pasta looks like wheat pasta, but the texture isn't as chewy.  But 'chew' it has, unlike straight white rice noodles. 

I have to tell you, this is just delicious, especially when you've been hankerin' for a good bowl of spaghetti that you can twirl on your fork.

I've gone to the manufacturer's site and found some hefty prices.  So I'm glad that Marc's sell this (at this point) for $2/pound.

And I'm sooo glad there were spirals, too.  I really enjoy cold pasta salads on hot summer days. 

I must go back and stock up.  Marc's markets a lot of 'special buys' so you can't always count on finding the same thing when you next go back.

It's so nice to find something that is exactly what you're looking for, healthy AND tasty.  Sure makes avoiding gluten a little easier.

How about you?  Going off gluten?  What goodies have YOU found lately?

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  1. Looks lovely, glad you found a tasty gluten alternative for your birthday tea.

    1. Yes it is good. I'll enjoy my Italian sauces more this winter.

  2. wow, that cooking water would have thrown me off, but it looks absolutely delicious in the end.....that's what counts. :)
    Hope you have found a reliable source for the pasta.

    1. Yeah, really surprised me first time. But now I'm even thinking of saving the water to thicken soups - it's just rice starch after all.