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This blog shows where all those garden goodies I grow end up. I call this little eating area next to the stove my "chef's table" because at all the best restaurants it's a privilege to be invited to dine in the kitchen where the chef reigns supreme. So here I am "reigning" and you are all invited. :-D

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Gluten-free pizza crust

One of the most missed food ever since I went wheat-free is PIZZA!!

I've had a couple of restaurant-made gluten free pizzas over the past year.

None of them were worth my time and money.  

It was time to bite the bullet and try a Bob's Red Mills' Gluten-free pizza crust mix.  I figured it couldn't be worse than any of the other GF crusts I've had.

The mix is a blend of non-wheat flours, starches, gums, etc.  It comes with a packet of yeast.  You add 2 eggs, warm water and 2T of olive oil.

I followed the instructions to the letter.  (I don't make changes to something until I've worked up a baseline entry.) I don't have a mixer so just used a spatula to mix the wet & dry ingredients.  Bread dough it ain't.  More like a biscuit dough - and moist and just a tad sticky.

I let it sit, covered for the required 20 minutes, and saw no difference in the dough afterwards, but it was a bit softer.

It said to wet your hands and pat the dough out on a greased pan.  I prefer to bake on parchment paper.  The dough didn't spread/flatten easily.  I futzed with it until it was a more-or-less even thickness, then spritzed it with olive oil and sprinkled garlic granules and Italian seasoning.  Baked for 9 minutes at 425F.

I topped the half-baked crust with sauce, turkey pepperoni, shredded moz & hot pickled peppers.  Back into the toaster oven for another 18 minutes.  (Tip: turn the broiler on for the last 2-3 minutes to really brown up the meat and cheese and add crunch to the edge of the crust.)

Bottom line - a lot of work (well, for someone who's only pizza prep before was dialing a phone - LOL).  From opening the bag to plating up the pizza, it took 1 hr & 20 minutes.  Upside - I have half the dough in the fridge for a future pizza.

The crust was (as expected) more gummy than real bread, but at least it wasn't dry or crumbly.  The toaster oven pan was only 7.5x10", so the crust was almost 1/2" -- too thick I'm thinking.  Next time I'll use less dough and try to get it around 1/4" thick.

That said, the final pizza was -- pretty good!  I've had some 'real' pizzas not this good, so I'm thinking Bob's Red Mill GF crust will tide me over when I just gotta have pizza!

How about you?  Tried Bob's Red Mill products?  Or do you have a good home-made GF pizza dough to share?  Let me know.... please! LOL


Next day update:  I'm sad to inform, but I'm experiencing some gastric distress - probably a reaction to the XANTHAM gum in the crust mix.  Too bad.  I won't make up the 2nd roll of dough in the 'fridge, just toss it.  *sniffle*  I miss pizza!

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Mushroom omelet

I was in the mood for something different for supper.  For more than a week it's been soup or chili or something savory in a bowl. It was time to put down the spoon!

Hmmm.  I had fresh farm eggs, some darling little mushrooms and a bag of shredded moz.

Time for an omelet.

I'd never seen these little 'clump' mushrooms before so when Dave and I came across them at Beiler's, we each grabbed a carton.

I'm ashamed to say that 'the grab' happened 4 weeks ago.  I'm astonished that the 'shrums did fine in the unopened container.  I guess it's because they were all attached to their root? Like those gourmet heads of lettuce you can buy that have their roots still attached?

Anyway, I broke off a handful and browned them in some coconut oil.  That didn't take more than a minute.  The 3rd pic shows the golden color.  Too bad it doesn't convey the rich fragrance.  The pic also shows that someone kept tasting the 'shrooms along the way.  Bad chef!

Once those were browned I poured in the eggs, herbs and shredded moz.

I let the bottom firm up and folded it over, turned off the heat and covered for a couple of minutes (I like my eggs firm).

Meanwhile I'd steamed some peppered-up potato slices in the microwave, plated everything up and voila!

Something that required a fork!  LOL

It smelled wonderful.  And taste?  Well, I must report that it took less time to enjoy the little meal than it took to prepare.

I actually thought I'd take a pic mid-way, but that didn't happen.

I look forward to using these long-lived little mushrooms in the future.  Gotta love something that lasts longer than the original impulse buy.

How about you?  Done with those Thanksgiving leftovers by now?

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Turkey soup - encore

This year's Thanksgiving bird turned out well.  I roasted in an oven bag for a couple of hours, let it cool, then dismembered it.

Between my friend and I we served sliced turkey, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, baked carrots and cranberry sauce. 

You'd never notice that it was a low fat, low carb and gluten free meal.  And it was delicious!

On Sunday I made stock out of the bones, simmering a big bowl of carrots, potatoes and celery along with them.

After several hours, I fished out the veg, strained the stock and jarred it up to gel in the 'fridge overnight.

Since then I've been enjoying lots of turkey soup. 

And simple - pile some cold veg in a bowl, toss in a handful of chopped turkey, dollop in about a cup of gelled stock and add a handful of fresh kale.  Sprinkle with pepper and garlic, pop it into the microwave for a couple of minutes and - presto.  Gourmet goodness.

And it's STILL low carb, low fat and gluten free.

Getting tired of my endless soup/stock posts.  Wait until the next one when I show you the incredible gluten-free dessert Dave whipped up.  Honestly, that guy is half chef, half alchemist!

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