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Monday, January 19, 2015

Corn pasta - better than rice pasta

Remember how excited I was on a previous post that I'd found some brown rice pasta so I could have Italian & casserole dishes again?

Well, as much as I remember liking the rice pasta, I never cooked up another batch.  Dunno.

Be that as it may, I found another gluten-free pasta at Marc's earlier this month to try.

It's a non-GMO (SamMills, imported from Rumania) brand.  I loved the buttery yellow color right off the bat.  Like the rice pasta, if you don't use as much water as recommended, the liquid gets very starchy.  (I saved water and next day it was as thick as pudding.  Hmmm.  I should be able to DO something with that....!)  Anyway, less water doesn't seem to impact the cooking time/end result.

I cooked it al dente (about 8-9 minutes), drained (but not rinsed - the starch helps hold the sauce) and served it with sauce and a slice of the 'deli-style' gluten-free bread.

Wow, is all I can say.  Between the 'almost real' bread and the great flavor and texture of the pasta, I was a real happy camper.  The only thing I missed was a glass of wine - that's how tasty the meal was!

Unfortunately Marc's only had the spaghetti, but buddy Dave found a store by him that had shells, penne and something else (I forget).  

Yesterdaty I cooked up a batch of the penne and it was as good as the spaghetti.

Yup - I like the corn better than the rice pasta.  I like the color, flavor (a bit sweeter, like wheat) and texture.  This pasta opens the door to lots more dishes: tuna casserole, prima vera & noodles, mac-n-cheese.  Be still my heart!

The info on the back of the packages is very interesting.  Imagine a place on the planet where GMO corn is ILLEGAL!

To bad the GMO people (and our lax buying habits) inhibit such healthy food growing here in the states.

I mean, crap.  How can we be independent if we have to bring in pasta from RUMANIA for lunch?  I hope this product isn't just a flash-in-the-pan in the local markets.  I'm going to do my part and buy lots to keep it on the shelves.  

Meanwhile - I'm still on a quest for bread & pizza crust.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Interesting---I shall write down this brand and keep an eye out for it when we travel. How many people travel to visit grocery stores? Hubby and I are WEIRD! But--it's what we do. We love checking out fancy schmancy grocery stores and markets and seeing what is out there. I don't do clothes/jewelry/gadgets.....I do FOOD.

    Have a good day in the kitchen! I am baking crescent rolls for hubby. Oh, that is torture on me, but why deny him when it's MY problem?!

    1. I made up some Irish soda breads to give away over the holidays. I hear ya on the 'torture' part. LOL Yeah, I check out products a lot.

  2. I realize it is gluten free you are striving for but as to GMO products, so far no GMO wheat has been approved for sale in North America. Soy and corn, of course are.

    Did you know King Arthur carries a large line of gluten-free products? Here is a link you might check:

    1. I shy away from the gluten-free mixes - so many ingredients, starches, gums. And the result isn't like the real thing and I'm usually disappointed. I'm not going hungry though, that's for sure. LOL :-D