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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Once again I've been hankerin' for something NOT in a bowl.  Hey, don't get me wrong.  I LOVE my soups, stews and sauces.

With the disappointments in the gluten-free bread quest, I tried something less ambitious: Flatbread.

I found a 6-pack of GF spinach/garlic flatbreads and fired up the George Forman to make a quesadilla.

Got the usual suspects: turkey, cheese, green pepper strips, onion and pickled hot pepper chips.

Some assembly (I used only the swiss cheese, BTW) and grilled up lunch.

Pretty tasty.  After all you really need out of flatbread is to keep the stuffing in place, not some kind of flavor bonanza.  Still the spinach/garlic flavors did come through and I liked that.

A couple days later I made up another one.  I was out of Swiss, so used American cheese.


I forgot that processed cheese stuff is so easily melted that most of it oozed out of the quesa!  Could have been an even bigger mess, though.  

When I grill sandwiches and some other stuff, I usually level up the grill so to prevent runoff.  I hadn't this time -- until I heard the first *hiss*.  Whoa doggy!

It wasn't a total disaster.  I propped up the legs. The cheese browned up lovely on the grill, peeled right off, and made a nice chewy addition to the final quesa.

There are 2 more flatbreads left.  I may try a wrap next time.  Stay tuned.

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