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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Trying gluten-free breads

Lately I've been hankerin' for a grilled cheese sandwich to dunk in my homemade tomato soup.  

So I've been trying different brands from the store.

The first loaf (not frozen) was by EnerG, a loaf made with brown rice.  I had high hopes.  My test was a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  How can I go wrong?

Well, very wrong as it turns out.  The bread was crumbly.  And very sour.  So sour that even the blackberry jam couldn't mask the unpleasant taste.  A seperate taste test by itself was nasty.  The birds enjoyed the rest of the loaf. ($6.69)

Undeterred, I tried 2 other loaves.  One (Shar's - not frozen $4.29) and one (Udi's - frozen $4.54).  The Shar's resembled a nice pumpernickle, while Uti's was a typical 'miniature' whole-grain loaf (slices only 4-5" square).

The 'deli' loaf actually looked and felt like bread.  Even smelled nice.  Included buckwheat flour. It was drier than wheat/rye bread, but grilled up nice with PBJ.  I'd give it a 7/10.  But at $1+/slice?  Ouch!

The 'whole-grain' Udi's was ... acceptable.  Not sour, but typically dry with little elasticity.  I grilled up a cheese/hot peppers/tomato sandwich.  This one - 6/10.

I have another 'multi-grain' loaf (Rudi's - frozen $5.77) still to try.  

I'll keep looking.  While in the check-out line, the customer in front of me said she buys a non-frozen gluten free bread she gets at Giant Eagle.  She says her son loves it, that it's softer than most gluten free.  I'll have to check that out.

The quest for a gluten-free grilled cheese sandwich continues.  Do you eat gluten-free bread?  Found anything worth while?

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  1. Having never tried gluten free bread I can't really offer any suggestions. Any bread definitely has to do honors to PB&J and grilled cheese!

    1. You'd think this quest would be easy, but the more I read online the more I see others looking for good gluten free bread and (*whine*) pizza crust.