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This blog shows where all those garden goodies I grow end up. I call this little eating area next to the stove my "chef's table" because at all the best restaurants it's a privilege to be invited to dine in the kitchen where the chef reigns supreme. So here I am "reigning" and you are all invited. :-D

Friday, February 6, 2015

Kitchen catch-up

Like I said on the main blog post, when I'm not outside shoveling, I'm messing around in the kitchen.

Remember those 2 pots of beans I put to soak?  One of 15-beans (for soup) and 2# of red kidneys (for chili)?  Here's how they turned out.

As you know from a previous post here, I was disappointed with the batch of 15-bean soup I made.  That the beans were just not tender enough.

Well, lemmee tellya bunkies - this last batch turned out on Sunday  - per.fec.tion!  I swear I cooked them the same amount of time, maybe just 15-20 minutes longer, but these beans turned into but-tuh!  So smooth, so creamy.  The soup is the best bean soup I've ever made (and I've made a few pots in my time).

Then on Monday I made up a batch of chili from the beans simmered up the day before.  Again, I did something very very right.  Maybe it was the long cold outside that made me be more patient with the beans or what.  Maybe letting them cool overnight and then warmed up again when I made the chili.  I just don't know, but I ended up with some wonderful stuff here.  The beans and ground turkey just melted in the mouth.  Lucky me.

Then, against all odds, I won the triple crown, the trifecta:  Gluten Free grilled cheese!  Yes, you heard right.  After 4-5 brands of GF breads, I found the winner:  Rudi's GF multi-grain bread.  Now I don't know if I ever told you, but back when I was just cutting out modern wheat and switched to spelt flour, that I would buy Rudi's spelt bread.  Now why didn't I know that they also made GF bread?  Oh well, better late that never.  

Let me tell you I knew from the get-go that this was going to be a winner when I opened the bag.  It smelled nutty and yeasty and when the buttered bread hit the skillet it was just toasty fragrant.  The bread crisped up on the outside and was soft in the inside.  You can't ask for anything more.  Well, except for another one. LOL

This means I can make up a pot of homemade tomato soup now.  Previously I'd been putting it off because, after all, what good is even the best homemade tomato soup if you can't have a grilled cheese to dip into it.  I mean, really!

Yes indeedy.  It's been a great week in the kitchen.  And there's more to come.   

I lucked into a decent sale on ground turkey while out shopping between storms - enough to make up something savory - maybe this weekend. 

I'll keep ya posted.  Meanwhile, stay warm and be careful with all that comfort food these cold and bitter days.  Too much of a good thing ....!  Be good (this means you, Sue!  *snark*) :-D

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  1. Oh yum---grilled cheese!
    Why oh why are the simplest things always the best!!??!!
    I read "new" recipes and laugh. 40 ingredients no one has in their pantry, a list of to-do's a mile long, and it usually so good.

    Oh, and I read the other day about beans and the article said sometimes it's the way the beans are dried that affect how they cook up. Interesting!

    1. Not only grilled cheese in my future, but TOAST! Little SANDWICHES! *drool* Be still my heart!