From harvest to table ~ what's cooking now?

This blog shows where all those garden goodies I grow end up. I call this little eating area next to the stove my "chef's table" because at all the best restaurants it's a privilege to be invited to dine in the kitchen where the chef reigns supreme. So here I am "reigning" and you are all invited. :-D

Monday, April 27, 2015

Savory supper

 I have NEVER understood why people say that mushrooms won't brown if they are crowded.

I throw in a bowl of sliced 'shrooms and brown them in butter all. the. time. with no problemo.

Sorry Julia.  

That said, I used those browned beauties to make up a batch of onion/mushroom turkey burgers on the grill this afternoon.

Served up with some sweet potato and garnished with lettuce, onion and fresh red pepper, it was a feast for the eye AND the palette!

Soup is good.  But as the days get longer and brighter (if not warmer), my food cravings are changing.  

More meat and veg, less soup and chips.

No complaints from me!

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  1. I hear you on the "tastes changing" with the seasons. I could eat soup every night --in the winter. Now, I'm on a salad kick. We also don't eat much for frozen vegetables in the summer. Salads, grilled food, and don't laugh--but hubby and I both LOVE cold cereal with Rice milk in the evenings. The ultimate "light" meal on a hot day.

    1. Hey, I do GF rice 'krispies' for a light evening meal too! I do the real milk, though as I have no lactose issues. Man, we are really on the same page!