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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Chicken broth

After Sunday's roasted chicken bones & meat cooled, I got right to making broth this morning.

The container of meat juices, bones, skin, cartilage, etc gelled solidly.  The plan was to pop it in the pot with the ususal veg and seasonings, add some water (very little, wanted to keep the flavor intense) and let it simmer all day.

After I put the gelled stuff in the pot, I had a brilliant idea.  Why not use a carton (1qt) of the Pacific chicken broth.  

(Now, let me digress here: to me broth is made from simmering bones, cartalige, etc for 10+ hours w/veg & seasonings, leaching out all the minerals, etc.  I think Pacific boils their organic chickens with some rosemary extract, then use the cooked chickens in their other products.  Then they sell the cooking water as broth. Really, that's all it tastes like.)

Anyway, I decided to use a quart in my broth.  Best way to use it up and it obviously DID have more flavor than plain water.

The quart still left about 3" in the pot.  Oh well, I grabbed the last quart and in it went.  I couldn't get another drop in that pot then.

I let the mix (heavily flavored with carrot, onion, celery, potato, bay leaf, garlic, pepper, parsley (darn, I didn't have any cabbage)) go all day. After it's strained and cooled, we'll see if the broth gels.

Then I made sure there were no bones etc. left in the meat andchopped it up for freezing -ready to add to future soups.  I got a tad over 20 oz of meat. Plenty for soup.

Glad I thought of the boxed 'broth'.  Once all that gets turned into REAL broth, I'll have at least 2* quarts of chicken broth (enough for maybe 5 pots of soup) and lots of meat for some hearty lunches during the colder weather.

* Turned out it did gel softly.  Too bad I only got 2 quarts of broth.

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  1. A good day's work. I think I have bones in the freezer and I know I have apple cores and peelings in there. Need to get both out and work up. They take up a lot of space.

    1. I've still got bags of frozen tomatoes in mine - need to make up another pot of sauce/soup. What will you do with cores/peelings?