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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Got my groove back!

With fat Pat blowing and raining outside, I decided (one day ahead of planned schedule) to roast up the turkey I bought Saturday morning.

It was frozen at the store and its been in the 'fridge since then.  Package says to defrost in 'fridge 24-48 hours.  Well, ignore that!

It was 96 hours and there was still an iceball in the cavity and some of the giblets were icy.

So I made sure all the ice was out and then ran cold water through the bird for about 10 minutes.  When all the meat surrounding the cavity was supple, I popped it (along with the giblets & neck) in the broiler bag.

Chart says - 14-16# = between 2.25 & 2.5 hours.  Ignore that too.

This thing didn't start browning until 2 hours, and didn't start getting fragrant until 3.  Nice and brown then, but I let it sit in the hot oven for another 20 minutes.

After brought out and rested for another 20 minutes, I collected all the meat juices (almost 2 qts! man they really 'enhance' birds these days).

When I started to cut the bird it was obvious cutting wasn't the answer.  I just used tongs to pull it to pieces, like a pan of warm cinnamon rolls.  Succulent! Dark meat delicious and white meat creamy (benefits of roasting breast side down).

With all the pieces parts in the big bowl, I covered it with plastic wrap and set the bowl out in the breezeway to cool down before putting it in the fridge overnight.

Yep.  Got back on that horse and rode it all the way home.

I'll freeze the bones for now and pull them out on the next cool day to make broth.

Bring on the holidays!  Hmmm, I'm gonna need more turkeys....

==== next day:

2# 12oz white meat; 
1# 12oz dark meat; 
5# 4oz the rest (bones, giblets, neck, skin, cartilage, etc.)
3# 8oz (6.5C of 'drippings'/juices)

Total: 13# 4oz from a 16+# bird.

Wonder where the other 3# went?

Oh well, soup broth on Saturday!

========= Saturday update:  Turkey broth
for my records:  
4.5Q water; 
near 1Q boxed chicken stock; 
7C gelled drippings 
carcass et al & veg
= 11-2C bags of broth   --- best bang for my buck to date

========= days later:


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  1. It does look like cooking in an enclosed bag you would get more. Still a nice pile of delicious food. I forgot to look at turkeys our last foray out. I want to buy mine early and maybe cook it in advance of the Thanksgiving.

    1. Honeysuckles are .79/lb this year vs .59/lb last year. I'll get one for Thanksgiving (I always roast on Wednesday and reheat on Thanksgiving), and then maybe 2 more for winter use later. I think the 2Q of drippings weigh a few pounds too. The meat turned out very tender and moist!