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Monday, January 4, 2016

The motherlode/loaf!

TADA!!!   Wholegrain spelt sourdough bread.


I tried to make sourdough spelt bread back in Feb 2013 .

I was not happy with the process or the result.  It was, at best, ok.

This December I created a new homegrown batch of starter (wholegrain spelt/orange juice) and it thrived (throve?).

Previous posts here showed success with pancakes and cornbread.  It was time to try for another loaf of bread.

I don't know why, but it all came together so easily this time.  The proofed dough was thick and alive vs the glop I got in 2013.

I ignored instructions to use a heated dutch oven w/cover to bake the loaf, instead just put the overnight dough right into a loaf pan, scored it and let the final 1.5 hr proof rise there.

Popped the pan into a 400F oven (rested the pan on the heated pizza stone), monitored the oven to keep it at 400F and 45 minutes later, it was bread.

This time I let the loaf cool at least an hour before taking off a heel for sample.  HEAVEN!  The mild taste, the crumb was tight, texture had stretch and chew, aroma was reminiscent of a light rye. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

I left the loaf on the rack, but under a large bowl.  I don't like the hard crunchy crust that the 2013 loaf developed so the bowl allowed the loaf's residual heat/steam to lightly soften the crust resulting in a great chewy texture.  (BTW: the 2# loaf was warm for at least 3-4 hrs and even when I finally sliced it for freezing, it was still a bit warmer than room temp.)

This was an unqualified success!  I can make up the dough the day before at any time, pop it into the 'fridge, bring it out before bedtime, let it proof overenight, then bake it in the morning after the final proof.  Easy Peasy!

We really like easy peasy...! 

How about you?  Have you ever revisited a previous failed or semi-failed recipe to try again?  How did it come out?

Next up :  I've started a 2nd starter using sifted white spelt flour.  My plan is -- pizza dough!  Stay tuned.

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  1. I never "re-try" a recipe......though I should. Heck, 2nd marriage worked WAY better-LOL!

    I'm glad you had success the second time around with your bread.
    Tell me you use butter.......lots and lots and lots.
    Hubby and I are now hooked on Kerry Gold butter. Yowsa-what a difference in taste...well worth the additional cost.

    1. I don't do a LOT of butter (Hashimoto's = high blood chol), but when I spread something on it is REAL BUTTER. Hey, I had to pay $7/lb for organic grass fed butter, that was pricey enough, thank you very much! Sheesh.

  2. I am betting the longer rise time helped. I should try that sometime with my regular ww recipe. WE have reversed back to the three-rise white bread! I know.....but DH insists. At least it is unbleached white flour.

    1. The rise time was exactly the same as last time I tried. Nothing changed. Maybe I've got better spelt flour this time (Bob's Red Mill) vs the generic bulk stuff at the market I used 3 years ago. That's the only thing that was different.

  3. I meant to add isn't it wonderful to have a success! Makes all the effort worth it.

    1. Oh yeah. I ran out yesterday and bought more spelt. LOL

  4. That's fantastic! It looks gorgeous. And I know how proud you must be to have such a success. Perseverance paid off!

    1. Yep. Really pleased. And except for a little stretching the previous day, this bread is just as easy as the no-knead ciabatta I used to make in 2011. It's really a no-brainer. I like no-brainer stuff. LOL