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Friday, February 5, 2016

Remarkable Remona

Remona (my sourdough starter) is doing so well that I've been baking a lot.  (Can't wait to get my electric bill this month!  urg)

This past 60/40 loaf proofed higher than any previous batch.

Only thing different is the starter and maybe a little warmer on top of the living room armoir.

Anyway there was so much dough I feared it would be too much for the tin.

The dough swarmed right into all the corners and, after another 1.5 hrs proof, it didn't get much high.  *whew*

It baked up not as high as the previous loaf, but it's height was uniform across the loaf, no high peak in the middle.

So this loaf gave me consistent size slices from end to end, a great thing for sandwiches.

Another interesting thing is that this loaf didn't blow out at all.

One thing I did do was, in an attempt to get a softer upper crust, I brushed water and olive oil (sparingly) on the top before the bake.

The crust IS softer, but still nice and chewy.  Perhaps the softer crust allowed a better rise without the blowout?  Who knows.

I'm just a having fun.  :-D

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