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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Something new ....

... salmon.

I haven't eaten fish of any kind for over a decade.  I lost the taste for it for some reason. 

But a couple of months ago I was at Raisin Rack and they had a 1-pound bag of 4-4oz chunks of wild-caught salmon.  I KNOW good salmon is good for me.  (I also know Farm salmon is BAD.) 

As for good salmon, I've just never had it before.  (Well, not quite.  A previous friend served it at a dinner party, but by the time it got to the table - about 25 minutes out of the oven - I can't imagine that dry tasteless offering was representative of salmon.)

Anyway, since I'm in salad mode these days, I had the foresight yesterday to take a piece out of the freezer and let it thaw in the 'fridge overnight.

I read the package.  Bake?  Steam?  Broil?  I chose the latter.

I gathered the suggested flavorings (lemon, pepper, salt, garlic).  I found a small tart pan, laid down slices of lemon, laid down the salmon, then squirted it with lemon juice and dusted it with black pepper, salt and garlic granules.

Into a preheated toater oven (broiler) and check it after 5 minutes.  Top was flaking, but underneath not so much.  I flipped it over and let it go another 3 minutes.

All looked good then.  And it smelled wonderful!

Taste test:  It was very good.  A different kind of fish.  (I used to eat cod, mostly.) A little heavier, but pleasant with good firm texture. The lemon/pepper was delicious.  I ate one wary bite after another until it was all gone.  

Score?  I'll definitely eat the rest of the package.   

What've you tried lately?  Something that your first experience might've turned you off of it? 

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  1. I am not a fish person at all! I will look for wild salmon and give it a try. The last I bought was fresh from a meat counter and it smelled to strong I pitched it!

    1. You really have to read the package. Fine print (after purchase) showed packaged in *shudder* China. Research shows salmon is caught in cold Pacific, cut up on ship, then sent to China for skinning, deboning, packaging. The fish was very good. But I'll be more attentive in future purchases. I liked this enough to look forward to including it in my menu. I will even look into Alaskan canned salmon, too.