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Monday, October 3, 2016

Rejuvenated ReMona

While I made lots of sourdough over the summer, I wasn't always happy with the results.

In fact, there were a couple of loaves that I eventually gave to the birds.

The summer loaves didn't rise well and more often than not turned out gummy.  I don't know why.  I used all the same flour, honey, etc.  But ReMona just didn't seem to have any ooomph.

About a month ago I read that sometimes the starter doesn't do well with the standard 100% hydration when feeding (1/4c starter 1/4c flour 1/4c tepid water).

So I did 1 stint of adding a tad more flour and a tad less water (making for a drier start).

The batch I made from this was a bit better, but still not a bread to tempt me.

This past week (the 2nd stint), however, things got interesting.

In the 1st pic - by day 3 of the 'warm up' ReMona was nearly topping the cup.  ReMona has NEVER gotten this high before, usually only getting up to 2/3 of the cup.

The dough I made that evening left overnight to rise, knocked me over in the morning with such a vigorous rise.  And not a soft dough.  No.  Any poke bounced right back.  A first.

Transfer to loaf pans and left for almost 1.5 hours to re-rise also amazed me that it rose above the pan.  Again, never done this before.  

So I covered the pans, set them in the oven, and let them bake for 45 minutes.

Let me tell you, anticipation was high.  By 20 minutes into it, the kitchen smelled of yeast and bread.  Not to sound like a broken record - this, too, was unexpected.  I've never noticed such a yeasty smell before.

And, finally, the results.  Two huge, well formed, loaves to brag about.  And neither of them BLEW OUT at the top or sides.  These are picture perfect.  The best loaves I have EVER made.  And the taste?  Fabulous!  Nutty with just the right amount of sour.

Alright, starter.  Who are you and what have to done with ReMona???

P.S.  This bread (even after frozen and defrosted) is soft and bendy and stretchy and the crust is chewy.  Wha ??? It's like real bread.  Heavenly.

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  1. This is why I love baking breads. Wonder what the second baking using the exact same methods will be? Be sure and let me know.

    Max says that is what he likes about my baking bread; you never know what it will be!

    This bread looks wonderful!

    1. Cripes, it's more like Russian roulette! Ya never know which bullet you're gonna get. But, yeah - this is the best couple of sourdough loaves I've ever made. I'll keep you posted on the next batch.

  2. Replies
    1. Hello, Treey. Thanks for looking in. I make my own sourdough spelt because fermenting the spelt reduces it's lower gluten even further. I should probably give up gluten entirely due to the Hashimoto's disease, but I'm not ready to pull that trigger. Yet. Take care.